About is a developed model of the game and is based on the usual io game style.’s rules are the same as that you need to eat food and kill other snakes. In addition, the game has some different skills which are stopping snake (W), immortal skills, which is the same as invisibility, (E), speeding up your snake with a spacebar. In addition, there are some special skills dots in the map which you can find with a mini-map easily. These skills help you eliminate other snakes and gain more points than others. However, you do not use these skills illimitably because they have some time limits.

The game has a lot of different and cool skills and skins compared to, so you can feel more enjoyable. It has a league system that is the same as the level system. The developers offer some priced skins and skills which you can buy from the market. Its graphics are better than because you can see certain differences. If you want to play a different style, we recommend to you.

How to Play

You can control your character in this game with the mouse. Your character in the game is a worm. As your worm grows, it turns into a snake. The more energy you eat, the more character you can have. Strategy

The biggest tactic in may be to act smart and slow. When you start the game, you are born right in the middle of the game. Since many players are competing with you, you have to follow the dead on the map and eat their energy. This way, you can have a larger snake. When you are first in the game, you can be at the top of the leaderboard.

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