About is a more advanced form of classic racing games. Each player has a race car and the features of these vehicles are equal. The ability of the player to drive perfectly is the most important indicator in the game. There are many different maps and players can play in these maps. The players can see the shape of the racetrack and the location they are in with the mini-map. You can see the speed of your racing car in the bottom left corner of the screen. The scoreboard shows the top 5 players who have the best time to complete the racecourse. In addition, you can see your position and rank among all the players. Players can observe completed laps and the total number of laps. The game provides a chat system to communicate.

How to Play

The controls of this game are quite easy. You can control your character with the mouse. For many players, this game is quite easy to play.

Strategy of

You must be careful when turning the bends because if you bump into the walls, your opponents can pass you. Thus, you can turn corners at low speeds. Besides, a player with many bad ranks will want to stop you. Therefore, it is useful to stay away from those players. You can see the order of these players next to their names. Using the small map effectively has a very big prefix here. You only need to move the mouse to direct the car and press the mouse to left-click to increase the speed of the car.

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