About Game is an aboard game that allows building an empire. This game is inspired by the 1995 first produced Settlers of Catan. It does not violate any laws of their offshoot game. Taking the role of a settler, the gamers can build a civilization. It requires activities online involving trading goods, expanding territory, and army building. You can build your empire and set up the game with friends.

Rolling the dice, the gamers get to see corresponding numbers. Use the resources to build cities, settlements, roads, and development cards. Build rob and army opponents using the knights that the development cards give. Anyone missing a card can trade with the bank and other players. Building by the port the settlements will give a better trade deal in this game,

The end goal is to reach up to 10 victory points. Achieve this number with the cities, number of settlements, largest armies, longest roads, and VP cards.

How To Play

The control is by pressing the left mouse button to start playing. If you already know to play Catan, you will easily understand how to play Colonist. The game for beginners features instructions. It has a tutorial mode with instructions to get started with playing the game. The tutorial to game is easy to follow and features AI opponents.
For beginners, the game features comprehensive instructions and a tutorial mode to get started. The tutorial mode is easy to follow and features soft AI opponents.

Colonist IO offers the opportunity to play online a Catan-style game in the web browser. These are board games collections to play more online board games. There are classic titles including Guess Who, Ludo, and Snakes and Ladders. Strategy

Playing is a free online version of this German board game and is highly popular. This is a challenging and brilliant web-based board game positioning itself as an alternative to the prominent Settlers of Catan board game. Gamers can take a colonist role and build their choice of territory or civilization. It requires 3 players in the base game, and you can include four or more players in the search engine. This generic version game is easy to use and intuitive.

  • 2 to 4 players with each game.
  • Play with other players or bots in real-time.
  • Web browser – mobile and desktop.
  • Resource trading and production.
  • Clean and beautiful interface.

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