About is a multiplayer shooter and space war .io game. You start the game with a small and simple spaceship. All players start the game equally but they can develop their own spaceship by collecting points or killing other ships. If your level is lower than the majority, your chances of being destroyed are increasing. Therefore, it would be a logical option not to attack your enemies before your ship has reached a certain level of strength. You can collect points by hitting the stones in space and with these points you can develop the features of your spaceship. These features are divided into 4 categories which are shield, power, bullet, and ship. You can upgrade levels of capacity, regen, damage, speed, and agility. As you improve your ship’s level, its appearance and size change substantially. Besides, players can use the mini-map to see the location of the enemies in the game.

How to Play

There are two different control combinations in the game. The first is to shoot enemies with the Space Bar and move with the arrow keys. The second combination is to move by holding the mouse right-click and shoot with the mouse left click. Strategy

Leveling up your spaceship is your top priority in As you level up, you can have more powerful spaceships. You should try to destroy all enemies whenever possible. In addition, the game has different game modes. It is a logical choice to play the game by choosing the game mode that suits your game style. This game is an io game with a lot of fun and options.

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