About is a battle of fish swarms game. You are starting to play as the leader of the fish which has a lamp to illuminate the darkness of the ocean. Players will have a bigger swarm when players’ the leader of the piranha eat plankton, debris, and small jellyfish. In addition, crabs are special units for your herd because of their strength. If you kill the enemy’s main fish, you can capture his fish swarm which is an easy way to grow your swarm. Once you have enough fish, you should do two things which are to turn small fish into bigger fish by right-click mouse and to attack enemies by left-clicking the mouse. The leaderboard shows the top ten players who have bigger scores compared to other players. You can see your rank and score on the bottom left screen. You should try that game if you like and because this game looks like a combination of them.

How to Play

Your character is a piranha. You can move this fish with the mouse and you can control your fish army with the mouse. There is not much control in the game functionally. You can easily play the whole game with the mouse. Strategy

Your strategy in the game should be to grow your fish army. Having the largest and strongest fish army, it can easily eat other fish. Your name will appear on the leaderboard when you have the best fish army in the game.

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