Survival games are quite popular nowadays on the Internet, due to their ability to discover new things. One of the most popular survival games is none other than You will have to break rocks and kill other players in order to survive.

The game of is nothing but an abbreviation of the term survival. While you start playing the game, you can find a number of elements within the game. In the beginning, you left to break all the nonliving elements, which are present within the arena. You have to break rocks, cut down trees, in order to get higher scores. After you have earned a good amount of scores, you should try killing the other players, who are present within the arena. You can use the mouse for the purpose of navigation, and the left click for the purpose of hitting the elements and the persons.

How to Play

The game is very easy to play and is not at all complicated. The more the amount of time, you survive within the arena, the better will be your score. Apart from moving the mouse, you can also move the character with the help of your keyboard navigation keys. It is all up to you. The game is a little difficult at the beginning. In order to hit any element, you will have to stand in front of the element. Thus, it can be a little difficult to keep the other players, in an efficient manner at the beginning. The more you play the game, the better will be your level of perfection. Strategy

If you are planning to play the game in your school, or any other educational institution, you can definitely play, there. For that purpose, you left to bypass the restrictions, which are imposed by your institution server. For doing that, you can use VPN or proxy servers. Using the VPN can route your traffic through a different server, which can be helpful. The proxy also works in the same manner, and you can use any of the two options available. The game is also available for various portable devices, such that you can play it on the go.

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