About is a game that is very popular these days. The goal of the game is to eat the cells of other players who are smaller than your cell. The cell has a function that is breaking into pieces to eat other cells. You can divide your cells with a spacebar to 8 pieces because it is limited. Also, there are 4 gaming types that are FFA (Free For All), Teams, Party, and Experimental. The game has a membership system where you can register and then buy some skins or special things with money. The money system is based on coins and levels that you can reach special skins at certain levels. You can start with higher points if you register and log in to the game.

How to Play

In, you must press the Space Bar button to split. You have to use the W key to bait other players or pop the spines. You must use the mouse to move your character left or right or up and down. Strategy

You can team up with other players in the game. You can reduce your risk of extinction by feeding small pieces to your friend when you break up to eat your opponents. You can also move faster on the map by dividing. For many players, being a team is seen as a pretty good strategy. If there is no one to be a team, you can explode the green thorns on the map towards the big players and break them into smaller pieces. In this way, you can eat small pieces and grow your character. That’s why you should try to stay away from green spines. When competitors cannot break you into small pieces, they do not pose a risk if they are smaller than you. Also, your speed decreases as your character grows.

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