If you think you can survive in the toughest of conditions, is the game for you. This game has every element for your entertainment. Nowadays online games have flooded the market of the internet. They provide immense joy and happiness to people around the world. What seems to be more interesting is the fact that they are based on unique concepts all throughout. You should try one of those games to understand. The fact that their popularity is on continuous growth solidifies the matter. is one of those games which have been at the top for a while now.

It is one of those games that you would enjoy while playing. provides a brilliant opportunity to show your strategic master skills. Strategic games always require your concentration. The basic concept of this game is to survive in a hostile condition. You are placed as a leader in a sandbox with other minions. Also, you do not need to give them any sort of orders. You just need to provide them with rightful resources and they would carry one with it. This game has an upper hand as you do not control each and every player but have control over the situation.

How to Play

The game has basic controls altogether. You do not need to worry about any other aspect of the game once you have mastered the control. What you’ve to do is you need to place your minion closer to the equipment and the rest will fall into the place. You should be knowledgeable enough so as to choose what equipment can be helpful in the condition. Make sure that you’ve chosen the right tool as any other tool won’t work in the situation. The game gets more interesting with each of your decisions. Strategy

As it has already been mentioned that is played in a hostile environment in which there are multiple challenges all around. You would be facing difficulties with each passing second. Survival is the most important objective. Your strategy of selecting resources would be the main one. The more correct tools you choose, the longer you can survive in the conditions. Build your play according to a confident plan which makes the game simple enough. You should be able to survive if you’ve taken the right decisions as time passes in

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