It is one of the most peculiar games available on the io platform, which offers users a great chance to turn their boring day into the most amazing, stupendous, and hilarious time. Yes, it is not fun to watch something as cute as a chick getting cut, but hey this is just a game and it is a lot of fun to remain the only surviving chick. There are some games that happen to brighten our mood, and it is one of those games. In the game, you have to show that you are the strongest chicken and you can prove it as the last survivor in the game. The game is an io game where the battle for survival is experienced extremely high.

How to Play Game

You can move your character in the game by using WASD keys and jumping with the Spacebar key. Many players do not know the game keyboard keys, so you have to take advantage of the many rookie players’ availabilities in the game.

  1. The gameplay is quite easier; you just have to survive against a ruthless cutter, and push other chickens towards the cutter. The blades will rip them apart, and nuggets will be made of them.
  2. You will be competing against 80 players and the gruesome cutter. The gruesome cutter should not reach you, otherwise, you will be blown apart in the air. The last remaining player is given the king-size crown.

Upon winning, you will reach the No. 1 position on the leaderboard. You will also be rewarded with the golden crown – remaining till last is no easy though. It is really fun to play weird games, as it leaves us no choice but to get amazed, joyous, happier, and surprised by each new weirder feature! Strategy

Following are some of the most amazing features of the game:

  • It is a multiplayer game online. Many players participate in the game in real-time.
  • The gameplay is quite ruthless. Chickens get chopped off by a machine; as a player, you have to save yourself from getting cut. If you remain till the last, you become the winner.
  • In order to win the game, anyhow you have to put other chicks near the machine and rip their bodies apart.
  • 80 Players are allowed in the game, where the last remaining chick wins.
  • There are 40 unlockable hats in the game. These hats can only be unlocked with the proper amount of nuggets.
  • There are varied different caps in the game such as ketchup cap, drinking lid, viscor cap, and so on. You can boast these caps in front of other players.
  • NuggetsRoyale has 14 different stages. Each stage has its own unique obstacles and challenges.
  • Each stage has 4 different themes, which increase the enjoyment of each gameplay.
  • The four themes of the are Regular Stage, Freezer Stage, Sumo Stage, and Saw Stage.

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