About is one of the best Pictionary io game, which offers players a great way to enhance their drawings skills as well as pass their time in a constructive manner. This game is basically a drawing and a guessing game. In the game, the player draws and guesses the game with other players in real-time.

Following are the main features of the game:

  1. This is mainly a drawing and a guessing game.
  2. The players earn points by drawing near-to-perfect drawings.
  • Players have also been rewarded points upon obtaining the right guesses from other players.
  1. This is a multiplayer online game, which is played in a real-time environment.
  2. The players sketch the drawing on the sketch-board of the game, which is seen by other players online in real-time.

How to Play

The controls of the game are quite simple and similar, like all io games. The following are the controls of the game:

  • You must use your mouse or screen to draw into the game.
  • “B” is the shortcut key for Brush.
  • “E” is the shortcut key for Eraser.
  • “C” letter is the shortcut key for Clear.
  • “F” word is a shortcut key for Fill Blanket.
  • “Z” is the key to undo. game is the most fun-filled game for both avid drawers and novice drawers. Each of them happens to learn something from the other player. Strategy

The game game is played in the following manner:

  • First of all, players will be required to join a room. In the room, there will be many players who will be attempting to play the game.
  • The players take turns to draw the secret word that is given to them by the game. According to the rules, the player has to draw the objects and other players must guess the objects. Players must object to the word through the picture.
  • The players must write their answers into the chatbox. Upon the first right answer, the answer is locked and the player is given points.
  • Upon right guesses, the first player is rewarded. The drawer extracts the maximum points.
  • Players take turns playing the game – becoming artists and the guessers one by one. Players use the mouse to create the image in the game. The player is given access to different brushes, brush sizes, brush strokes, colors, custom colors, shapes, and a variety of other tools.

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