About Game is one of the finest games, which is based on the violent nature of the io birds. It is basically a game that has royale battlegrounds into the interface of the game. It utilizes the forceful and ruthless nature of the Flappy birds and builds an impressive interface of the game.

You will enjoy the cut-throat competitions in the game. Game Details

Release Date of Game July, 2019
Developers of the Game Orta Therox, Zack Gage, and Em Lazer Walker
Platforms Mobile Phone, Desktop, Browser
Controls of the Game Left-Mouse Button or Space Bar

There are two different game modes of They are given here:

1- Free-For-All Game Mode

This game mode is available to all people in the game and can be enjoyed by novice and avid gamers together. In this game mode, you can enjoy the game with anyone in the world.

2- Play with Friends or Family Members

The game can also be played with friends. You will have to add them to the game first. Then, you can enjoy the game tremendously with your friends and family members.

How to Play Game

The game is really easy to play but it is difficult to be first in the game because opponents raise the level of the challenge The controls of the game are not hard to play. The controls are the left mouse button and Space Bar. You can play the game in the following manner:

  • It is a survival-based game, in which players have to ensure their lives by surviving against 99 opponents in the game.
  • The player has to keep crossing the pipes in the game and prevent any collisions with the pipe. The collision will result in the death of the opponents.
  • The players must also not fall, the keys must keep the birds’ wings flapping in the game. If the wings stop flapping, the bird would die.
  • The players need to remain alert every second. Pipes’ directions and opening points change. Players must cross the pipes to reach the victory destination as soon as possible. Strategy

This game is an updated version of the classic flappy birds game you know. Many gamers are familiar with the way this game is played. Following are some of the features of the game:

  • game is a multiplayer game online, which you play with other players in real-time.
  • The game is basically a survival-based game, so you have to remain alive to keep earning points and obtaining rewards.
  • The game demonstrates the forceful and violent nature of the royal battles and allows the players to enjoy the competitive spirit.
  • The game is available for iOS users, android users, and desktop users. is a fun-filled and amazing game, which makes the passing of free time an enjoyable experience.

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