About Game

It is one of the most fun-filled, amazing, and exciting games available online. It is a survival-based game, in which players fight the different lords to invade and conquer the entire world. game allows the players to fight the royal battles, play intelligent tricks and perform in battlegrounds to become the world leader. Playing a conquest game is the hobby of most of us, and it is one of the best conquest games available online.

Following are the special features of the game:

  • The gameplay has been set in the middle ages, where lords attacked one another to increase power and swapped sides to increase political power within regions.
  • The game provides players to choose different regions; players can choose their regions or choose any other region of their choice to experience different cultural and social elements in the game.
  • There are various territories that can be unlocked and obtained.
  • There are many new upgrades to new buildings and units.
  • There are also many new unlockable new skins available within the game.

How To Play Game

The game can be playing in the following manner:

  • The players have to build a strong kingdom of their own, which will be saved and protected by their army.
  • The players will be waging royal battles for weakening the enemies. The enemies must be destroyed and the rule of the lord must be expanded in the world.
  • The players must build their base, and protect it by building units for the army.
  • The upgrades must be obtained to keep on obtaining impressive features.

The controls of the game are the following:

  • Special power activation through E or right-click
  • B for building
  • U for buying a soldier
  • F can be used for the arrangement of the army formation
  • WASD or arrow up/down and </> keys for the movement.
  • Space bar can be used for the dash.
  • Hold the left mouse button to attack the Left mouse button for the attack.
  • Y for upgrading soldier
  • Space bar for splitting an army
  • Enter for chatting
  • M for toggling minimap
  • S for changing formation
  • Esc for entering pause menu Strategy

To win the game, you have to play a game very carefully. Since all your enemies are players like you, everyone has their own tactics. It may make sense to team up with some of the other players to destroy enemies. The game is available for different platforms such as Web Browser, iOS, and Android versions. The game can also be accessed through Google Accounts or Facebook Accounts. game is a sequel to the game, but the game has increased enjoyment of gameplay and more fun-filled features.

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