About has a similar game style to team mode. There are two teams which are red and blue. Teams’ aims are to capture the territories in the left, center, and right areas. The game offers some special skins that you can use by typing the skin’s name in your nick. You can feed thorns to blast enemies using W. In addition, you can eat enemies by using the space bar which splits up your characters into many pieces. However, you need to be near your enemies to eat easily. When you enter the map, you can meet many different skill boxes that bring or spin some additional features to your character. Therefore, you should be careful of your skills’ features. To sum up, it has tons of cool game modes compared to

How to Play

The game is really easy to play. The controls of the game are the same as You can move your character with the mouse. You can feed with W. You can split in half with the space bar key. Strategy

You can team up with other players and make more effective attacks against big opponents.

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