About is an animal .io game in a different style. There are different skins that you can select. You begin to play as an animal in cube form and your purpose is to grow animals as much as possible. The apple and meat on the map enlarge your character but if you touch the mushrooms, your size shrinks. The dishes you gathered before are scattered around and then your enemies can eat them to grow. The most interesting detail is the farting voice in this game when you accelerate your character. The game provides servers in different locations that intend to decrease connection problems.

How to Play

You must be kept away from the big enemies and from the small fungus to have a great score. It is enough to press the space bar or B to accelerate in the game. If you press the space bar or B unnecessarily, your character becomes smaller. To move your character press WASD. Strategy

The competition is quite high because there are so many players in the game. That’s why you should develop your own attack and defense strategies.

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