About is the most realistic tank battle game among the other tank .io games. You can collect special powers from the map. There are six special skills to ease exterminating other players’ tanks which are rapid fire, air strafe, mines, haste, vacuum, shield. In addition, if you kill another players’ tank, you can gain special skills from your tank. Therefore, a lot of tanks want to shoot you when you do not have enough health to make war. The game leaderboard shows the first 10 tanks’ names and points. The first tank will get the crown of a king, so many people see the best tank. You can see the killer and killed tanks in the notification area.

How to Play

You have to hit other tanks with the mouse in the game. You have to aim well and take your best shot. Movement directions are WASD and the mouse determines the direction of the tank’s gun. You can shoot to other tanks with left-click and use special skills with 1 to 6 keyboard keys. Strategy

There are many different tank models available in the game. You should start the game by choosing your favorite model. You should fight in areas where players are scarce because there are many players. That way, you don’t have to fight too many enemy tanks. This game is a very fun and strategy-based game. You must surprise the opponents by developing your own attack strategy.

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