If you are a fan of strategic gaming, presents you with an opportunity to try out one of the most interesting medieval warfare games. You must have played a lot of warfare games in which strategies are required to cultivate your army into a giant one. This is one of those games which require your mental skills to triumph. There is nothing better than using your intelligence to develop an army and come victorious over others. Online games have provided you with a challenge to beat other players through your army and grow your own cantonment. You should definitely try it out. is similar to any game which needs your strategies to win wars. It requires your thoughtful ideas and attacking strategy. has grown in the world of games because it has given room to develop as the game progresses. What you need to have is an army that you should nourish and grow as time passes. You should also know that you’ve to build houses and grow the population as the game continues. There are options to provide protection to your army with towers, which you should seriously consider taking. This way you can guard sustainable growth.

How to Play

Knowing how to play any game can reduce the difficulty level to a minimum. The same is the case with You should know each and every control and then master it accordingly. You can start with the movement controls which are very easy. Your mouse is assigned for movement controls of your army. If you need to split your army into halves, you should use the space bar key. To build a house you need to press E and to construct a tower you need to press R. These controls can help you triumph over other players. Strategy

As you know, the game is all about strategy. Without proper strategies, you cannot win anything in the game. When you start your game, make sure you collect resources for the development of your area. You should collect coins to build walls, castles, and houses. Similarly, you would need to grow food to feed your army. There are plenty of soldiers available for your army. There are different categories of it, ranging from knight to dragon. You would need more resources as you advance in the game. This is the beauty of the game.

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