About game is an exceedingly calculated tactical game of the ever-trendy .io games series. This game requires being in charge of a common square. Once you’re there, you require moving amongst squares, drafting armies, and adding on numbers as well as potency, making your way about the map until you locate, take over, and be in charge of the tile of the opposing general. is the name of an amusing expertise game that you’re free to enjoy on several websites. The game makes use of HTML5 know-how for working in every up to date browser. This game’s been played 7,519 times to date and it’s got a rating of 8.4 / 10 by several players.

How to play

There’re quite a lot of controls that you require to learn ahead of before playing this game. You need to use the Spacebar for deselecting, Q for clearing moves, E for undoing moves.

› Use 9 for zooming out and 0 for zooming in·

› Use Z/ double click for the mouse for moving 50%. Strategy

This game’s mega cool, straightforward, yet habit-forming tactical game in which you combat with additional players for gaining the land and defending your base. All games have eight players in spite of it being all men for them. In addition, you must not trust anyone when you progress as finally there is able to be a single No.1, which is you. Make certain that you systematically defend your castle by upgradations of the adjacent blocks. Thus, you make it more difficult for looming assaults that aim to destroy your fortress. A fact to note is that besides defense you’ll require preparing forces for the launching of counter-attack, as being seated motionless like turtles and lying in wait for looming assaults is not the finest strategy in any way! Opt for your moves intelligently as the foe is seeking to take your general into custody also!

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