About is a micro units game. Players’ goals are to protect primary soldiers with assistant soldiers and have the biggest size in the game. Also, players attack and kill other players’ main characters with their primary character and assistant soldiers. Some players can team up to kill you. Thus, you should be ready for this tactic to stay alive. The game offers us 5 different primary classes which are queen, wizard, warrior, necromancer, and witch.

Besides, you can spawn units by pressing 1 and can combine units with pressing 2. In addition, you can split units by pressing 3 and feed the primary soldier by pressing 4. If the primary soldier dies, you will lose your current points and size. Your primary soldier will lose its health if bigger and small enemies touch your primary soldier. In short, there is a rule in the game that bigger units and primary soldiers kill smaller units and primary soldiers. Assistant units and primary soldiers will gain experience points when they kill other units. Another feature is that bigger units are slower than smaller units. If you do not combine units into the primary soldier, they will die after a certain period of time.

How to Play

Click left mouse and drag to select your army, just click one time to select a unit. Another key is that mouse left click and ctrl to select or deselect units. Pressing space to select all units that you have. You should use WASD or arrow keys to move your camera and can use the minimap to move your display. Strategy

You should stay away from players who play better than you and attack the enemies by developing your own strategy. Since this game has a multiplayer structure, you can form short-term teams with other players and easily eliminate stronger players than you.

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