Fidget spinner has earned a lot of popularity in the last few months, and if you are looking for an online game, which is associated with a fidget spinner, you should try out the game, which is a blend of fidget spinner and the game The objective of the game is almost similar to the other games of the io family, where the big players dominate the small players, but there are a few changes that have been made in the game.

How to Play

Players need to use the mouse to move on the game area. If players want to increase it fidget spinner’s speed, they should press the mouse left click. Also, the best part about the game is that you can change the look and feel of the fidget spinner by clicking on the “Customize” option below the nickname area. You can change the color of the fidget spinner, and to choose a new color, you will have to click on the desired color on the color palette on the right side of the screen. Apart from choosing the appropriate color, you can also choose the desired icon from a list of various icons, which are available at the store. You can also represent your own country by choosing the flag from the list. Strategy

The objective of the game is simple. You will have to spin the spinner in the game, and you will have to keep yourself safe from the spinners, which are bigger than your spinner. Clicking on the left mouse button will spin the spinner, and you will have to collect a number of energy icons on the screen to grow big in size. Apart from playing the game on your computer, you can also play the game on your android device by downloading the app from the marketplace of your device.

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