About is a kind of and is a .io game. The aim of the game is to kill enemies by leaving traps behind you and anybody who will touch these traps will be eliminated by your traps. When you are leaving traps, this event will decrease your size related to the traps’ volume. If you kill enemies, you will see some dots in the same place. You can eat these pieces of stuff to develop your size but you need to be quick. There are options to set which are a theme, quality, skins, server region, game modes, smoothing, and so on. When you are confused about something, you can read or learn some tips from game instructions. In addition, you can play this game on the Google play store easily.

How to Play

Hotkeys are mouse clicking for speeding up and ctrl +,- is for zooming in and out. Players can direct their character with mouse rotation. Good Luck to everyone! Strategy

You have to quickly destroy the small enemies and avoid the big ones. You have a shape like a water drop. As your score increases, your character grows. In addition, you must attack enemy players to increase your score. As your character grows, the area you see on the map can increase.

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