About game is one of the most interesting multiplayer shooter games, where you can witness angry eggs shooting massively their opponents – seeing eggs shoot has its own essence. Basically, it is a first-person shooter game, which depicts egg characters in a violent and forceful way. The aim of the players should be at the opponent, and the ultimate destruction of the opponent must be the only motto of every player in the game.

This amazing game was developed by Blue Wizard Digital. They could only think the devious face of the eggs! The developers have also developed other fun games such as Space Tyrant and Slayway Camp. As it is a real-time multiplayer game, which features battlegrounds with worldwide players, the enjoyment of the game maximizes! Real-time shooting has and destroying other players with in-game skills and rewards is one of the best things to do in the shooting game world.

How to Play

There are three different game modes of They are detailed below:

Free-To-play Game Mode: This game situates you in front of every gamer; your life can only be saved by your game skills.

Team-Play Game Mode: This is one of the most enjoyable game modes as you try to eliminate an entire egg-mates team with your team’s great endeavors and amazing shooting skills.

Capture The Spatula Game Mode: This is another interesting mode of the, which is rather a twist on the popular capture of the flag mode.

  • To move, WASD
  • To jump, Space
  • Fire, mouse left click
  • Aim, Shift
  • Reload, R
  • Weapon changing, E
  • Grenade, Q Strategy

The novice players may think that egg shooting may not be fun. But, hey is really shocking and surprising. It has six classes of weapons that draw the attention and love of every gamer. Here are the six classes of weapons of the

  1. Scrambler (Shotgun)
  2. Crackshot (Sniper)
  3. Free Range (Semi-Automatic Sniper)
  4. Whipper (Egg Cracking Bullets)
  5. Eggk47
  6. RPEGG

Each weapon has its own unique size, range, force, and accuracy. For instance, Crackshot is equivalent to a rifle sniper. The way towards victory is the utilization of different skills altogether; only then the victory would be squeezed by the egg player. Players must understand the difference between the weapons, and use them only when they are needed. For example, a machine gun should be used for accuracy, while a shotgun can be used for close-range targets. Thus, egg players can increase their rewards and score highly in the game. game is indeed the most fun-filled and enjoyable game.

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