About is the most popular browser-based io game recently. You have to start with a small snake and need to kill other snakes because of increasing your size. In the game map, there are a lot of dots that you can eat to level up. The purpose of the game is to cut to the front of your enemies and then you will slay them. When you kill the snake, it becomes points massively. These days, a lot of players know how to play professionally. You can try different skins in the game. You can make this choice before entering the game. Also, many players want to be first and show their names on the leaderboard.

How to Play

This game is pretty easy to play. You can direct your character with the mouse. You can also speed up the process with the mouse. game, which has an easy game structure for many players, is loved by everyone. You may not even need a keyboard to play the game, you can only play with a mouse. Strategy

The game does not have many tactics to kill enemies easily. The most popular tactics are surrounding and using small snake flexibility. In addition, small snakes are more flexible than bigger snakes because size reduces their turn and speed capabilities. It has some different types of skins but they are not enough for many players. Some internet pages offer mods to players which provide zoom-in-out, special skins, and more features. People of all ages can play this game in a web browser. The game is quite easy to play. Many players are fighting on this game map to have the biggest snake.

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