About is a counter strike style .io game. The aim of the players is to kill the enemies without being killed by the enemy or falling into the pits. The people who appear green are your friends but the people who appear red are your enemy. There are bullets, armor, and life-giving boxes on the map. In addition, the number of bullets for each player is limited. Each different class has its own weapons and some classes are more powerful than others. You can choose your player’s class, primary weapon, secondary weapon, and passive ability in

The clan system is in the game but you must open an account to enter a clan or to set up a clan. You can play with your friends by setting up your own room as a host. Each player can set options in a very detailed way which are quality, antialiasing, showing the damage, and so on. Players can talk with other players and make different friendships in chat. There are many criteria for ranking different leaders which are kills, deaths, kill death rate, net worth, and so on.

How to Play

You can move your character with WASD and hit enemies with the mouse left click. You only need to press the t key to communicate with other players. Strategy

In, you must see and shoot the enemies as fast as possible. Many players move slowly in this game. The key point of this game is to act very quickly and make quick decisions. In order to be successful in the game, you must develop your own strategy and attack the enemies.

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