About is an interesting multipurpose game that is based on the PUBG and Fortnite games. this game is the latest browser game with a battle concept. You can play this game if you love a shooting game. the player is equipped with a loaded weapon to shoot down the opponents while moving forward in the game.

The gameplay is about 100 players playing to win the battle royale game with the highest score. The objective is to stay until the end while killing your rivals. The last person who stays in the game is declared as a winner.

  • The game is fun and fast-paced. This makes it an interesting play.
  • The player gets a chance to parachute to any location they want.
  • Grab the many supplies that are scattered all over the ground.
  • View the map by zooming in and out.
  • There are big houses and bushes where you can hide yourself.
  • You get a chance to customize the skin of your avatar.
  • Hit the trees and bushes to make a clear path to hit the opponents.
  • Each weapon is different in terms of characteristics and usability.
  • There are better weapons at the end of the map.
  • The UI is poorer than other battle royal games, but it is not so poor that you will not enjoy it.

How to Play

People who love playing games based on shooting will find this game exciting and worthy. With a huge gaming area where you can choose your own landing is definitely a great choice to play. Controls are WASD to move in the map and mouse right and left clicks.

You can play on your web browser. Moreover, it is available on Apple and Google play store. Strategy

  • While landing chooses a location a little far away from the crowd of players.
  • Avoid the areas that have more players. This will give you time to land and plan strategies.
  • Try to get the entire goodies chest before anyone.
  • Try hitting the wooden chest that has a first aid kit and weapons.
  • You can play with more than one weapon. So plan and choose the weapons accordingly.
  • Loot things only when you need them. Do not waste time and energy on looting unlikely things.
  • Use pump shotguns to shoot the opponents.

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