About is a fortress war .io game. You begin the game with an empty castle that has borders. The aim of the game is that build the most powerful castle with many buildings on castle borders to eliminate enemies and collect more points. All buildings require to collect of certain points to build those buildings. You should start to build a generator building that generates points to construct more buildings. You can build turrets to defend your base against enemies. In addition, you can increase your defense level with walls. You can use barracks that produce soldiers over time, to weaken your enemies. Also, you can sell your building to save money or change the location of the building when you want to delete buildings in your castle.

Strategy of

The game has some attacking vehicles that you can use to destroy your neighbors before they destroy you. When you have a weak castle, the game protects you until you have enough development. Besides, you can lose if enemies attack the main fortress excessively. Therefore, you should be very careful because the whole circle is full of enemies. The leaderboard shows the best 10 players in the game respectively. Use only your mouse to build something or to attack enemies. However, you need to use arrow keys to see the state of the enemy far or near. Strategy

You must build the strongest fortress and focus on capturing the enemies’ territories. The key point in this game is to defend your own castle. If you make your own defense strong, you can easily attack other players.

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