This game is the fly and eat or be eaten and evolve into the strongest creature and shows who rules here. Eat creatures with the green border and avoid the red one and do not forget to drink the water. The is a fun game of multiplayer in which you have to control a small fly and you must literally learn to become a fly and to survive or die. You must search for food and to try to survive in the wild against the other players and the animals also and as you progress and level up you can evolve into the new animals that are larger and have great power.

How to Play

The second name of this is the fly and dies game and this is the terrific .io game by which you can check on the crazy games. The game is built with HTML5 technology to run smoothly in the browser or in the other words with the help of technology you can make it easy to play. If you enjoy the game then you should take a look at the other .io games also. Eat the creatures with the green border and avoid the with the red one, and also the main thing does not forget to drink the water and its controls are with the help of the mouse, arrow keys, and the AWSD. Strategy is the fun game of survival in which you have to control the small fly and the game has the strategy by which you can perform well in this game. According to the strategy try to attack others and to eat food and remember that you can hide in the clouds or in the bushes. Your health renews with eating food. Fly or Die is a game where the rules change as you evolve and get a new animal. You should explore both the vertical and horizontal dimensions of the game and wherever you go try to find the source of water first. Actually, the game could be called fly io because every creature can fly.

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