About is a chess game that is changed to common .io style. Classical chess rules apply in the game. If you know how to play chess, you can reach success immediately. In addition, you begin with the king that you need to protect against enemies. You can capture other chess pieces with your king initially. Their colors will be the same as yours when you capture pieces. The game does not have capture limits to increase your army. There is a very large map that eases enlarging the army. Also, you can see your current location via minimap. Strategy and patience are the most important factors for that game. Finally, you should try it.

How to Play

It is an io game in the familiar chess game format. If you know the normal chess rules, you can easily play this game. Strategy

The game is based on strategy. You have to make moves according to the moves of the opponent. The game is highly competitive. Think well and make good decisions.

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