About is a new generation war io game developed by developers. In this game, you build a farm or castle, and then you need to fight with monsters and enemies. You must survive the cold winter season. Therefore, you should use the vehicles in the game and increase your treasure. Your main goal in this game is to earn the most points and to have the highest rank on the leaderboard.

You can collaborate with other players in the game and easily kill your enemies. If we sort the main elements of the game; sword, shield, inventory system, craft and construction, personal and team battles, and dynamic firing features.

How to Play

  • Players can move with WASD keys
  • Mouse left click to target
  • TAB / B / C / P / M – inventory / building menu / craft menu / maps / teams
  • SHIFT to build in a row
  • SHIFT to manage your inventory
  • Use Ctrl + Left mouse button to move items in the inventory
  • T to discard equipped items at present
  • +/- to zoom the camera
  • 0-9 to select equipment
  • To write in the chat with ENTER button
  • P to open the map Strategy

  1. You have to learn to use weapons like Axe, Pick Axe, and Club right now because they will be the weapons that you will use most in the game.
  2. After reaching a certain level or rank, you should try to find treasure. Then, you must empower yourself by establishing a Heartstone.
  3. When you’re building Heartstone, you can resume your game without losing your winnings and levels when you die.
  4. If more powerful players try to destroy you, you can use the bush hide.
  5. You must learn the importance of using the shield before the enemies attack you.
  6. You should set up your own castle in the game as soon as possible. So you can be protected from enemies and monsters. You should not forget to build archer towers to increase your castle’s defenses.
  7. When you are not ready as a level and a weapon, you should not leave your castle. It will also be easier to stay alive in winter.
  8. Thief hat has the ability to make you invisible when you are not moving. So you can hide from enemies at night.

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