About is a survival game in which the player needs to build a bunker, farm the food, craft the weapons but has to save himself from the attack of the other players. is one of the best survival games available on the internet with easy gameplay. Though this game is quite similar to it has more features which makes it much more interesting to play. This game is quite engaging and you have to make a proper strategy to play this game perfectly.

In you have to build your farm and bunker. You can craft the weapons as well. However, everything has to be done to be saved from the hand of the other players. You have to be saved from the radiation as well. At the same time, you need to loot the resources for getting warmed up and eating. Though this game is quite simple to play because of the constant activity you need to do in the game it keeps you busy all the time.

How to Play

The easy game-play of this video game makes it a good option for you to play it in leisure. There are only a few keys that are required to be used to play this game successfully.

  • D, S, A, and W are used for the movement of the players.
  • For hitting you have to use the left click of the mouse.
  • C is used for crafting.
  • E is used for interacting.
  • M is used for seeing the Map. Strategy

You can download online and can enjoy the game on your device like PC, laptop, or mobile device. There are plenty of sources available online from which you can easily download this game. To play this game more easily you can also go for the hack as you get more power and other features of the game when you go for the unblocked option of the game. Because of the easy game-play and nice structure this game can be played for a longer time.

One thing can be told for sure that is now one of the most enjoyable online survival games available on the internet. Being released in the month of July 2018 it is also one of the latest games that you can enjoy on the internet. Its features are quite different than the other already popular survival games available in the market. Use your brain. Make proper plans and score more in this game. Being a multiplayer game you can enjoy this game with your friends and compete with them.

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