All the games are unique in their own way. The multiplayer games are always special, and one of the new multiplayer games is The game is one of the newest arcade-style multiplayer games, which is earning popularity among all kinds of users.

All the users who used to play games in their childhood days will like, as they have surely played the most popular game of snake, where, they had to follow a small dot, which was present as a food item, on the arena. The game of is a rejuvenated version of that game. It has better graphics, better controls, and surely, multiplayer in nature, which means, the user will be able to play the game with and compete with the rest of the users on the internet. The game has easy controls, and the objective of the game is simple.

How to Play

The first and the most important thing is the controls. In the game, you will represent a piece of wire, which will hover throughout the arena. The player has to collect small wire pieces, which will increase the score of the player. The player can move in front, left, right, and towards the back. The user can use the up, left, right, and down keys respectively to move the wire, which is represented by the player. There are no other special controls of the game, and you can even use the controller keys to do the movements on various other devices. Basically, the mouse is of no use, while playing the game. Strategy

In the game, the user will have to protect him from hitting the body of other wires. In order to kill other players, the players will have to hit you on your body. Thus, the game is quite similar to that of the snake. The player will die when they collide with the body of any other player. In order to get a boost while playing, the user will have to come closely parallel to the other players, who are present within the arena. The bigger the player grows, the better will be the position of the player on the leaderboard.

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