If you are fed up playing regular action games, is for you. The game is fun to play and has all the elements necessary in an action game. The game is also packed with simplicity, which is another reason, you should try out.

There is no doubt, 3-D multiplayer games are great, but 2-D holds its own position. The game can be played on a number of computers, as it is very light. You just need a computer, or a mobile device, to start the game. Just visit the website of the game to start playing it. You surely enjoy playing the game, once you master it. Mastering the game is quite easy, and everything can be done with the help of the mouse. The easy controls make it a relaxing game, as well.

How to Play

In the game, you have to use your mouse to navigate throughout the arena. You can move the mouse in various directions to control the character. In order to use the gun or any other weapon you have in hand, you will have to use the click. On clicking, firing will start. There is a small crossfire, which will coincide with the location of the mouse pointer. Thus, in order to kill an enemy, you can keep the mouse pointer on the enemy and shoot. The firing will be done, in the direction of the crossfire, and thus, you do not need extra precision. Strategy

At the beginning of the game, it will be very difficult to win, and that is quite normal. There are a number of experienced players of Thus, it is advisable that you practice the game a lot. You should have patience, before trying to kill all the other players. Once you have a grip over the arena, you are good to go. With time, you can find a number of new weapons, which can make the game easier and more interesting. In order to start the game, you have to enter a nickname, and that’s it. The controls are quite similar in the case of mobile devices and other portable devices.

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