About is a special .io game which is combining of famed Facebook game Candy Crush Saga and The aim of the game is to get space in the top 10 list as you know. There are two ways to grow your snake that are collecting candies on the map and capturing enemies’ candies by killing them. When you play the game, you can see many candies such as cakes, donuts, ice cream, cookies, and so on. However, the growth rates of snakes are less than’s growth rates. Therefore, you need to eat more candies to increase your size quickly. There are some unique skills that give you different character powers. In addition, you can find the skill boxes on the map easily because the size of the boxes is bigger than the candies’ size. The game has a mini-map that eases to see your own location.

How to Play

You can only play this game using the mouse. The game contains different languages such as French, English, Russian, German, and so on. You can play with your mobile phone because it presents its game in Google Play Store and Apple Appstore. Finally, you should definitely play this game if you like to play games like Strategy

In this game, you must quickly eat the candies scattered on the map and grow your character. Afterward, you must attack the opponents who are younger than you and eat their energy. If someone older than you disappears on the map, attack that area to eat his energy immediately.
There are some boosters available in the game. As your snake grows, the area you see on the map automatically increases. So you can analyze all the enemies and dangerous attacks.

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