The is one of the best games that are being featured in the io range of games. There are different controls and your main aim is to survive through the level and defend yourself against all the odds and obstacles that the game poses. Players across the world can play it and they can do so simply by choosing their own username and login into the interface of the game. You can also play the game from your mobile devices as well as from a tablet provided the game is compatible with it.

How to Play

The players or the users of the gaming interface can simply log in to the gaming interface and then choose their players. Once you have made the choice you can start playing the game. Your aim would be to attack the opponent players and survive the gaming interface well. The game is very easy to play one though the difficulty increases with time. if you are new to the game you may find it confusing but with some amount of practice, you can master the gaming interface and play the game well enough. The game is the perfect option for spending your idle time. Strategy

To succeed in, you need to consider a systematic strategy of your attack. The location of your enemies will play an important role in this strategy. You must determine the number of soldiers, squats, and tanks you will use in You can protect yourself against an unexpected attack by keeping military power permanently high. Besides, you can become teammates who will empower you, or you can take the advantage of the time to become stronger by cooperating with other players in the game. When you use these strategies, you have to take good account of the time remaining in the game.

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