About is one of the .io games that is a very interesting game. The goal of the game is how many laps could you finish without damage and dying. Other players can destroy you because they want to complete more laps compared to competitors. If you complete a lap, you can get some skills that depend on your vehicle’s class. Another risk is walled because they harm your health if you hit walls. Shortly, you pay heed to walls and other players as you know. There are many different vehicle types which are Hazard, Buster, Ambulamp, Piercer, Sludger, Deprived, Racer, Bully, and Flash. At the moment, many players have chosen Hazard because it strikes other vehicles effectively. Other favorite vehicles are Racer, Piercer, Flash because their speed levels are the best in the game. In addition, players can develop their skills with points which players collect from laps as we mentioned. The game presents a chat system for people that is a good option to communicate with other people in the game.

How to Play

You can control your vehicle with mouse directions and boost your speed with a left-click. Good Races! Strategy

You have to be the fastest in the game. Whoever finishes the game first wins. Therefore, you should be careful not to bump into the edges.

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