About is a new shooter .io game. The aim of the game is to kill players as much as possible by shooting. When you kill enemy soldiers, you can increase your soldier skill only one time which one you want. That are recoil, binoculars, camo, extra damage, large magazine, extra accuracy, silencer, extra speed, extra range and kevlar. If you continue to kill, you can select again only one time special features that are shield, grenade, knife, medkit and build. In addition, hit the enemies on the map and defend yourself with the boxes.

Before you join the battle, you need to select your weapon to shoot enemies. These weapons are pistol, smg, shotgun, assault, sniper, lmg. Besides, the game provides to players armor selections that are none, light, medium and heavy. Another feature is that you can choose your player’s color. Moreover, you can find live pack and armor pack on the map randomly. The game map is huge, so that battlefield is good for players. Finally, if an enemy soldier kills you in the game, you go back to login menu.

How to Play

You can move your soldier with the WASD keys. You should use the left mouse button to shoot and change the direction of the bullet with mouse movements.

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