About is an exciting .io game. You pick a narwhale and try to pierce the opponent’s narwhales without death. Players’ aim is to enter into leaderboard which shows the best 5 players. The first player gets the crown of the king that other people see during the game. You can level up depending on the fish that you killed. Passing level brings some additional skills to you compared to enemies. Therefore, your narwhale will stronger and more vigilant than others. The game offers some special skins and options to change color if you share the game on social media. There are different regional servers such as Europe, Africa, America, Asia, and Australia. Thus, you can select the server which has no lag related to your connection.

How to Play

The game play’s key is the only mouse that is divided into two functions. The left click increases your narwhale’s speed and makes it eases to hit the enemies. Right-click changes your way and defends your body from the enemies. Play! Strategy

In, you must anticipate the directions the enemies may come from and defeat the others. For many players, this game is a complete strategy and plan game. The game has many different game modes. You should choose the one you want from these modes and continue the game.

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