About is an online physics game that requires to stay in balance and push your competitors off the edge of the map, the last alive player will win the game. You can create your own map with game-level editor and other players can play on your own map easily. Nevertheless, you need to register the game to use special things that are game-level editor, level system and create skins. Another option is that creating a host game. Custom game that includes setting password option and the number of players eligible to play is limited up to 8 players. There are three types of game modes that are volleyball, football and classic bonk. In addition, you can set the playing style between Free for All (bonk) and Team (volleyball and football). The game offers room list in custom game mode which shows numbers of players in the room, delaying rate and category of the game. Also, provides a link that makes easier to enter a room with your friends. Besides, you can use the chat system to increase interactions between other players.

Strategy Of

Use your own strategies and abilities to choose your position in the steps correctly. In addition, you can move your character with the arrow keys and hold X to make yourself heavier. If you use X to weight your character, you will have more momentum. Therefore, you will strike enemies readily and become resistant to shocks. However, you will lose the ability to maneuver against enemies. Good luck!

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