About is an open-air battle .io game. You have to start with a hero to kill other heroes as well. There are two types of heroes in the game which are Grunt and Zerk who are coming from the warrior class. In addition, Grunt has a special skill which is shockwave, and Zerk’s is a whirlwind. You can attack players who have a red circle on their bodies. The developers are going to add some different heroes such as mage in the future. The characters have flags that show the country of the player. Also, the main page includes a goals list country by country. Players have a chance to select the correct region to minimize lag problems because the game offers different regional servers. The game has two types of game modes which are battle arena and football game. You can play as a guest or patroen login. The game sounds are audible when players are playing the game.

How to Play

There are two types of playing styles which are QWERTY and AZERTY. Besides, left-click increases speed, right-click provides to attack enemies. Strategy

This game is a game of pixels. In this world, you have to fight the enemies and get the highest score.

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