Your goal in is to capture a lot of blocks on the map against enemies. You need to protect these blocks which you captured before. Blocks are increasing your points, so you can get a higher status on the scoreboard. This is a very difficult game and you need to pay attention more than in other games. You should leave your territory surrounded by gray blocks or other players’ blocks and then get into your territory to capture the surrounded area as your own and change their colors to your color. Players want to kill when you are capturing some blocks. They can kill you by hitting your tail. It is the same tactic for you to kill them. Thus, you can hit their tails when they are outside of their own region.

How to Play

You can control your character in the game with W A S D keys. You can also warn with the Space Bar key. The rules and controls of the game are very practical for everyone. Many players play this game because it is practical. You can play the game directly from your browser. Strategy

You aim to pass the biggest part of the game. On the map of the game, you can see the territories captured by other players. To take over a place, you have to surround it. You must use the containment strategy to capture the positions of enemy players. You should make short surrounds to prevent enemies from attacking you while you surround them.

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