About is a ship battle .io game that is a different type of naval war game. The purpose of the game is to sink ships of enemies with your cannon. Also, you start with a basic raft and need to kill enemies with your weapons. If you kill someone, his raft will drop supplies. You should collect these supplies to reach the island. When you are able to reach the island, the box will pop out and you will see 9 options which are Raft 1, 2, 3 – Boat 1, 2, 3 – Destroyer 1, 2, 3. You should select the option which your money is sufficient to select. The rafts have different player capacities which are respectively raft 1 has 1 player capacity, raft 2 has players capacity, raft 3 has 3 players capacity. Besides, boats are different compared to rafts because boats can carry more people.

Boat 1 has 6 players capacity, Boat 2 has 8 players capacity and Boat 3 has 10 players capacity. Destroyers are the most powerful and valuable ships in the game, All players must attack them to collect more supplies. Destroyer 1 has 14 players capacity, Destroyer 2 has 17 players capacity and Destroyer 3 has 21 players capacity. Destroyer 3’s capacity is the highest limit in the If you want to use destroyers, you have to work hard in the sea.

How to Play

You can move your ship with WASD. You must use the mouse to rotate and shoot enemies. Besides, you can jump with the Space bar button. Cannons are always refreshing, so you don’t have to do extra things. You need to press the ESC to use your mouse in the game. Strategy

In this game, it is your primary duty to ensure that your boat is not damaged. Enemy ships will approach you and try to sink you. You must immediately open fire against the enemies and protect yourself. You can get help from other players and team up against powerful enemies.

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