About game is a very user-friendly game that you can play with a player of your own in any color by choosing from the color palette. You have to match the colors on the interface and last the longest on the game map. Thus, you can create your own canvas by choosing colors. This game is noted for the highly colorful interface and at the same time the simple design which makes it easy to use on any device in any network connection. You can get a very smooth gaming experience while you are operating the game.

How to Play

The users of the game can open the interface and then follow the instructions provided there. The player has to open the gaming page and select the color of their player and start the game. The feature is easy to master and as you level up more and more benefits and pieces of equipment would be unlocked to you. the game is free of cost and mastering the game is easy since the interface is simple it can be played anywhere and everywhere. All you have to do is move your pixel forward against all the odds. Strategy

When players are drawing pictures with colors, it is important to pay attention to the color time interval. Therefore, many players believe that team-working is a successful strategy in this game when they are planning to draw a canvas. The people who want to draw on teamwork can communicate with each other through Facebook or other social media tools. To create permanent canvases in, you can draw free space on the map that most people will not use. Also, not attacking the spaces used by other players while you are filling pixels with colors may protect you from other players’ attacks.

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