About is among the most interesting and amazing games in io games. Launched in March 2018, is an interesting survival game where gamers find many more things than what is available in the original games. In this game, you find many more things such as stones, woods, and weapons. You can use these materials to survive and build up a very large stockpile.

How to Play

First, you have to pick one map from the two maps. One is a very big volcano and many small islands surrounding it. There are 2 aspects of this game – crafting and mining. Just start by chopping the trees and then craft a pickaxe.

Use WASD keys or arrow keys to move around the map. Use the space bar to charge. To attack your opponent, use the left mouse. If you want to sneak, use the shift key. R is used for recycling the already used and destroyed building, while Q is used to drop an item. The E key is used to mount a weapon. The same is also used to unmount the weapon.

Try playing this amazing game and have fun. Build your area creatively in a separate, strong way and survive in the game. Kill your enemies, protect yourself from weather elements and be secure and have fun.

You first need to increase the gaming experience. For this, beat small logs and bushes. When you have experience and you have a tree, you can then create a wooden pickaxe.

Next, move around and look for the deposits of diamond. You should be ready here because this is actually a very hard element in this game. From it, you can be able to do the best things. You should not miss and deposit gold because they are very common. You should not forget to change the tools. Strategy

Be very careful with animals and lava. The animals you feed on when you are in the wild. This is very important. If you don’t get animals to do, then you will definitely die in the wild of hunger. Again, you won’t be able to fight other players or defend yourself against attacks.

Earned experience is crucial in the game. It is used to increase your capabilities. You will find the menu at the bottom left corner. There is another menu in the top corner where you will find buildings and many other objects. There is also protection. You can create buildings, protection, and many other objects in the menu at the top from various resources. Enjoy playing

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