About is a territorial seizure .io game and very similar to The aim of the game is to enlarge your own field as much as possible and get the first ranking on the leaderboard by earning more points. There are three ways to score points. The first is to seize the neutral zones, the second is to seize the territories belonging to the other players, and the third is to destroy the enemy directly. If you hit an enemy while the enemy is moving, you can destroy his entire territory readily. However, if the enemy hit you while you are moving, then you will disappear and lose your territory.

You should not get hit and defend your own territory to have the largest area. In addition, each player has different colors, so you can easily distinguish between your own territory and enemy territories. When you play, you can observe ping status, rank, and so on. You can destroy other players more easily by union with some players in the game, but most people prefer to play single because the purpose of the game is to raise their own territory as much as possible.

How to Play

It is necessary to draw the part you want to capture with simple mouse movements as you play the game. With mouse movements, you will have easier maneuverability compared to In addition, you can see how many blocks and what percentage of the map you have. Strategy

In, you have to grow your character in an area as far away from the enemies as possible. Many players will want to attack you, but you can be successful if you focus on a defensive game type. As the area you cover on the map grows, your ability to see around may increase. When you have the largest area in the game, you can see it everywhere on the map.

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