About is a 3d battle .io game. There are two teams which are Vanguard and Bloodlust. They are fighting against each other and monsters. Also, the game has the option to select your character’s class which are warrior, mage, sharman, archer. Each class has different four skills to ease your game experience. You can upgrade your character’s skills with coin. You can get coins from monsters and enemy players but you need to survive against them. The game provides 3 different channels to play games with different players and regions. Besides, you need to level up and increase your level if you want to kill enemies readily. In addition, provides chat systems to contact.

How to Play

The hotkeys of the game are WASD to direct your characters in the game. You can use your special skills with 1,2,3 and 4 key. TAB selects your enemy players and monsters randomly. In addition, the left mouse click helps to pick players or monsters and the right click helps look around from the game perspective. Strategy

You must attack the enemies and destroy them. Confusion prevails in some parts of the game map as there are many players. You should stay away from the parts where there is confusion and attack from the areas where there are few people. Many players aim to level up quickly and win the game. Therefore, you should develop a good attack and defense tactic.

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