About is a new generation tank battle .io game. When you start the game, you start with the lowest level vehicle that has weak armor. The aim of the players is to improve their tanks as much as possible by shooting enemy tanks. If you kill enemy tanks, you can increase your tank’s experience level by collecting ranks from enemy tanks. In addition, hit the boxes on the map and collect the skills dropping from the boxes, and then you can develop your ability against enemies. As you level up, your tank’s armor, bullet shooting level, and image are developing. You can see the life level and experience level of your tank on your tank. These skills are three bullets, fast bullet, shield, and clock. Moreover, you can use the walls on the map to protect yourself if stronger tanks try to hit you. The game provides a small map feature to make the game easier for all players. If a tank hits you and kills you in the game, you can see your final score when the game has finished.

How to Play

You can move your tank on the map with the WASD keys and use the left mouse button to shoot. You can change the direction of the bullet with mouse movements. Strategy

In, you have to hit the most enemy tanks with your tank. You have to shoot the enemies quickly. The first-to-shoot wins logic always applies in this game as well. Practicing is very important as you are playing this game simultaneously with many players.

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