About is a plane .io game. The goal of the game is entering the leaderboard and getting the crown of the king that may be able to be 1st in the ranking system. Players try to kill other planes with bullets, rockets, or other special skills. In the air, there are a lot of boxes that are adding some special features to players’ planes. In addition, a certain skill is shown with pictures on the left-upper screen. Also, you can select your plane’s color and type it on the main page as well. You can change the graphics quality on the upper-left screen. The game shows the killer planes and destroyed planes’ names of the players on the left below screen. However, the game does not provide a mini-map or map function to players.

If you do not die when enemies hit you, you can shoot enemies to increase your health. You can control your plane with the mouse controlling and hit other players with a left click. Finally, we recommend if you love to play air war.

How to Play

In, you control your plane with the mouse. You can hover your plane on the game map. You must use the mouse to shoot. You can access different attack and defense features by taking the forces descending with parachutes in the air. Strategy

In order to make the best defense in the game, you must constantly avoid enemy planes. You have to match the enemies in front of your plane. If the enemy comes behind your plane, you can shoot or be an easy target. Don’t be afraid to collect the extra power bonus boxes that go down with a parachute in the air.

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