About is a 3-dimensional pitch shooter that is characterized by lightning-speedy boats having state-of-the-art turrets. Burn the foes of yours to ribbons by the use of laser, detonate them by the use of a grenade launcher, or outwit them and make them crash. is the name of an online game that you’re able to take part in on 4J.Com free of charge. Here, you stay in charge of the boat of yours and gun down additional players for destroying them! Be wary of players who’re more potent than you. Stay alive to grow to be the finest boat of the sea.

How to play

The game controls are really simple. You require using WASD or arrow keys for aiming. For aiming and shooting, you can also make use of the mouse. Power-ups go down at random as you annihilate your foes and thus you require being belligerent and establishing supremacy early. You will be rewarded with 100 points for kills and 25 plus points for every successive kill in one line. You have deducted 50 points for crashing, getting detonated by your foes, on meeting your fate. You require destroying your foes and cheating death for making your way to the summit of the rankings. Strategy

In this game, Power-up resigns supreme and the sole way of getting them is by taking the life of additional players. Laser lightning-speedy shot pace and extended scope make this the faultless warhead for frying your foes from any distance. Grenade Launcher – Grenades are slow, but they have the highest damage of any weapon in the game. A skilled player can catch several opponents within the blast radius at once. Machine Gun – very much augmented shot speediness. A small number of seconds of intense fire is going to annihilate any foe. However, while using this weapon you should beware of the recoil.

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