About is a different kind of tank battle .io game. The point at which the game separates from classic tank games is the ability to develop your tank by digging tunnels and collecting gold. You should develop your tank’s features and be the first on the leaderboard to win battles with enemies. There are 6 skills to improve your tank which are reload, damage, health, heal, energy and recharge. You can observe with the small where the gold is placed and the location of your own tank. Players can change the look of their own tank with different skins. Also, there are game servers in different locations for players who come from different continents. There are many languages ​​in such as English, Russian, and others. The game has a chat system to increase communication and cooperation with other players.

How to Play

There are two different control styles in this game. The first control style provides that using W to move the tank forward, S to move it backward and mouse to navigate other sides. When you select the first control style, you need to shoot with the mouse left click. The second control style provides that moving with arrow keys. When you select the second control style, you need to shoot with a space bar. If you want to play this game with your friends, your friend is enough to send the party link. Strategy

You start in the safe zone where other players do not attack and you can collect gold easily. However, the size of the golden masses in the safe zone is smaller than the golden masses in the battle side. Moving around using the existing tunnels can help save time. You need to strengthen your energy level very much in order to reach a higher level. As your tank’s energy level is high, you can fire more without delay. Thus, you can destroy enemies and collect gold readily.

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