There are a lot of different animals in the game. You have a little mouse in the begining of If you level up enough, you can eat different foods to gain more experience. You need to be careful of your water which increases your speed when you are clicking left-click to run. You can eat people who are circled light-green because they are less stronger than you. In addition, you can not eat people who are circled in red because they are stonger than you. You can hide your character with pits from enemies who have red circled. Press W or right click to shoot water. The game provides mini map to see your location and develop your character quickly but it does not show opponents’ locations. There are a lot of different regional servers to minimize distance problems between you and server. You can talk with other people via chat system. Also, you can view your rank and top players list by left-upper screen. Thus, you can create a tactic to kill the best player with other players.

Rating: 3.88. From 8 votes.
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