You must have played a number of education-based games to date. But with the aid of, you can take the game to the multiplayer level quite easily. The game is quite fun to play, and the objective of the game is quite simple. In order to start playing the game, you will have to visit, enter a nickname, and start playing the game. Apart from playing the game with a number of players on the internet, you can also create a new private server to play the game, only with the friends you know. You will have to click on the “Create Private Room”, to play the game on a private server.

How to Play

Once you start playing the game, you can see a number of scribbles in front of you. Each scribble will represent an alphabet, and you will have to guess the word to gather points. Apart from guessing the scribbles, you will also be asked to find a word, with a few letters given. Thus, the game is quite fun, and can also help you enrich your vocabulary. You can find interest in the game, by playing it for continued hours. The game is playable on a number of platforms, provided you are connected to the internet. Strategy

To play the game with your friends, you will have to create a private room, the way of which is already mentioned above. After you do that, you can find a link, which appears in front of you. You will have to send the link to all your friends, whom you want to join the private room. Thus, playing the game within a private room is also quite easy, and you can do that without any difficulty. The game is playable on systems, where cookie functionality is enabled on the browser.